[Government APP] GST Rate Finder APP Download Official For Android, ios, Windows 2017

By | July 11, 2017

Government GST Rate Finder App Download : Govt Recently Launched the Official GST Rates Finder Smart phone Application APK to Know the GST Rates/ GST Cost Charges of Goods i.e like 3%, 5%, 12%, 18%, 28% applicable goods explained clearly. It will help merchant and consumers to pay charges according to the product value and product category. Here you will find latest news about govt application gst rate finder app.

 Official GST App

GST Rate Finder Mobile App Download For Android Smart Phone M Google Play Store – GST Rates Official

GST Rate Finder App

GST Rate Finder App

GST Rates Application apk Download : GST was launched on 1st july 2017. at this time of writing this post, its not been a single month since gst have been launched and applied. So General Public and common men is not aware of GST and So we want to know them that the factor that based upon the new Goods and service tax system which is GST, the rate of the goods are varied but yet the public doesn’t have a clear knowledge about on which goods and services and how much percentage actually the GST is showing its influence. So to bring awareness among the merchant and customers, Government recently Launched an application named GST Rate Finder App, so that everyone can get a clear information regarding Goods And Service Tax using this Mobile application, and this application is launched as a smart phone application on Friday by the finance minister Arun Jaitley. It will also help the consumers and business owner in finding accurate rates of various goods and services based on category.


Official GST Rate Finder App Download

The Application has very great and simple User Interface And the Rating of this GST Rate finder app also shows that the application is success to create also a great UX – User Experience. So if you are panic about the complexity and afraid from using this application then trust us and download this app by below given link. This is the Version 1.1 and approximately 10.000 to 50,000 installation done all over world.

GST Official rate finder app

Gst Rate finder apk application download

About Official GST App

 How TO Use GST Rate Finder App – Utility Guidence

GST Rate finder USE: As of now this application is accessible on the Android platform, clients can download the application on their cell phones From The Google play store or from above given direct download link. The application would also work in Internet disconnected mode and can be utilizing it clients can know the relevant GST rate for a decent or administration. For utilize the GST Rate finder, the User needs to enter the name or section heading of the administration or great.

  1. Client need to enter the name or chapter heading of the Goods, Product, commodity or service in the search box.
  2. Listed goods and services In the application will be displayed as per your search.
  3. By following this method Find the GST rate of a specific item by clicking on the specific item you are looking for.
  4. The another pop-up display will be displayed with new tax rates and also with written description of goods or services and the chapter heading of the Harmonised System of Nomenclature (HSN).

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