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By | November 11, 2017

Jio Chat download on your Android or iOS smartphone now. In order to experience the Jio chat app on your phone, it is mandatory to download and install jio chat from the official app stores such as Google play and Apple store. If you are existing Jio Phone user then it gives multiple options within the app.

Jio Chat has Jio KBC Play Along is the new format of the latest season of Kaun Banega Crorepati 9. The contest is known as Jio Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot. To participate in Jio KBC Play Along, participants need to download Jio Chat app.

Jio Chat App Download – Steps to Install Official Jio Chat App

A step by step guide for Jio Chat APK Download on your Android phone.

  1. Visit Play store on your Android phone
  2. Search for JioChat
  3. Click on Install button to Install Jio chat APK

Important steps to download Jio Chat app on your Apple phone.

  1. First of all download MyJio from App store on your Apple phone
  2. Open MyJio app and look for Jio Apps not yet installed section
  3. Under the multiple apps options, you will see JioChat app
  4. Click on Get option and you will be able to download Jio Chat App on your apple phone.

Jio Chat KBC Play Along Download and Play KBC 2017

To participate in Ghar baithe jeeto jackpot contest, Jio KBC App is the most important step.  The Jio KBC Play along app is available on your mobile phones app store. Simply download the Jio Chat KBC Play Along app and start participating in the KBC quiz.

How to participate in JIO KBC Play Along?

Reliance Jio is bringing many good offers for the Indian consumers. Starting from free Jio mobile phones to upcoming Jio DTH. All these offers are for the benefit of mobile phone users. Jio Chat KBC Play Along is the gateway to the KBC Play Along.

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Play KBC 2017 Live with Jio KBC App

If you are interested in playing KBC 2017 but you are too late to participate in KBC contest then do not worry you can win Jio KBC Play Along Prizes sitting at your home.

Jio KBC Play Along

Download Jio Chat App to win KBC Play Along contest

In order to download the JioChat KBC Play Along app visit your app store. JioChat Jio KBC Play Along application is available on Android as well as Apple Store. Just search for this app and install.

After the successful installation of Jio Chat KBC app, complete the registration process by submitting all the necessary details.

talati call letter 2017KBC Registration 2017

Jio Chat KBC Play Along from Remote to Smartphone

Jio KBC Play Along, aab ki baar Darshak banenge khiladi. If you have already download Jio Chat app, then you must be enjoying the Jio KBC Play Along while watching kaun banega crorepati on TV. They say, keep your remote close and smartphone closer to play Jio KBC Play Along. Jio chat app helps you to win surprising prizes while watching KBC live on your television.

Jio KBC Play Along Winners of Hero Maestro Edge

All the participants of Jio KBC Play Along contest please take a note that Jio Chat has started announcing the name of Jio KBC Play Along winners. There are 5 Jio KBC Play Along winners who won a Hero Maestro Edge scooter last week. Name of these winners are as follows:

jio chat app download

  • Kailash from Mumbai
  • Naveen from Mohali
  • Parjeet from Panchkula
  • Mukesh from Jabalpur
  • Namita from Rourkela

If you are lucky and using Jio Chat to play KBC play along, may be your name can appear next time on this list.

Jio KBC Play Along Winners of Trip for 2 to America

Jio Chat App has announced a list of another 5 winners who won a trip for 2 to America. These winners are the participants of Jio KBC Play Along and become lucky by winning the contest on Jio Chat app. Name of Jio KBC Play along for trip to America are mentioned below:

  • Vishal from Shri Muktsar Sahib
  • Alok from Sonepat
  • Amit from Meerut
  • Santosh from Barelly
  • Nitish from Kolkata

jio kbc play along winners

Congratulations to all the Jio KBC Play along winners. And all the best for existing and upcoming players.

Jio Chat App for Android

If you are an android user and wants to participate in KBC Play Along then you need to download the official Jio Chat App for Android device. Here are the steps to download KBC App.

  1. Visit Play store on your Android phone
  2. Search for JioChat: Jio KBC Play Along
  3. Click on Install button to Install Jio chat KBC apk

Jio KBC Play Along – Play Live KBC on Jio Chat App

Steps to play KBC on Jio Chat KBC App:

  1. Download JioChat app from play store on your mobile
  2. Open the Jio Chat App while the KBC Play Along show is on air
  3. You will see the same questions asked during the KBC Play along show. Give correct answers in Jio Chat app
  4. If your answer is correct you will earn points in your Jio chat app account

If you have not started yet, download Jio chat app and start playing Jio kbc play along.

KBC Play Along Game Format Details

Playing your favorite game show KBC on Jio Chat app is as simple as watching the KBC 2017 on your television. When the question asked on KBC Live TV, the similar question will appear on your Jio Chat KBC App. This is the real time process and similar to the TV contestants you will get options with the time limit. As a Jio KBC Play Along participant, you will get points for answering every question displayed on KBC app. Answer the questions and increase your chances of winning the Jio KBC Play Along prizes.

Jio KBC Play Along – Jio Chat App Can Help You Win KBC Jackpot

If you are playing Jio KBC Play Along contest using Jio Chat KBC app, then you may have found the thrill and excitement of the KBC 2017 game. Every year when we watch KBC, we feel like we know the right answer and we can play better than the contestants sitting on the hot seat. But unfortunately we become only audience who can cheer for the contestants. But this year with the Jio Chat KBC Play Along app, audience can become winners too.

Jio Chat App – Jio KBC App an Interactive KBC Play Along Game

Download Jio Chat App to experience the real time and interactive quiz named KBC Play Along. The app let’s you see the questions appearing on TV during KBC game show with the same options and time. You can answer the question before the contestant by simply clicking on the right option. If you answer is correct you can also with the exciting prizes.

Jio Chat Digital Life Presents Kaun Bangega Crorepati

Jio Chat KBC the official JIO kbc play along app to play the game. KBC 9 is the most popular season of Kaun Banega Crorepati series with the highest ratings on TV. Thanks to Jio Digital Life’s Jio Chat application it has become possible for common man to fulfill their dream to become millionaire. “Ab darshak banenge crorepati” or Now the audience can also become millionaire is the motto of Jio KBC Play Along app. Those who are interested in just playing this quiz show can also download the Jio app on their smartphone. It is not necessary to have Jio mobile sim card in your phone to download or play on Jio Chat KBC app.

Jio Digital life is also associated with Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale 2017

Flipkart Big Billion DayFlipkart Big Billion Day Sale 2017 Offers

Jio Jackpot Question – A Special Question in KBC 9

Usually, in Kaun Banega Crorepati show has final question of Rs. 1 Crore. However, this time the quiz show creators and Jio Digital Life has introduced a very special and attractive slab of last question that is know as Jio Jackpot Question. The value of Jio Jackpot Question is Rs. 7 Crore! Yes you read it right this question values Seven crore. To play this question there’s only one condition, the play has to cross the Rs.320,000 slab by giving the correct answer. Once crossing this level the KBC Jackpot question will be unlocked for the player.

JIO Chat App – Download Jio KBC App on your Smart Phone

Jio Chat KBC is available to download on your smart phone store. KBC 2017 has already reached in its mid-phase and has become huge success across India. Jio Chat is the official JIO KBC App for users who are willing to play JIO KBC Play Along game. Just download the app and see all its features. Jio Chat KBC app is the most addictive application ever. It also helps in enhancing your general knowledge. You can Play Jio KBC on your mobile phone and win the exciting prizes along with the contestants.

Jio Chat KBC – दर्शक बनेंगे खिलाड़ी

Jio Chat KBC 2017 is offering an opportunity to common man in India. To grab this opportunity you need to participate in Jio Chat KBC Play Along. Participants will only earn points when they give correct answers of the questions asked during the show. Jio Chat app has very similar interface of the KBC show. So that you will experience the KBC play along live. As the tag line says Äb darshak banenge khiladi” means now the audience can become participants, you can also win the prizes. No need to just watch, play along with KBC.

Jio Chat Download the App and Participate in Jio Chat KBC Play Along

Jio Chat app download is available in the app store of your mobile. Millions of people have Jio Chat app on their phone and playing KBC live. Kaun banega crorepati goes live on weekdays between 9 PM to 10.30 PM. Mr. Amitabh bacchachn asks Jio Jackpot question after 9.45 PM. During this time thousands of users participate in the contest. This is your chance to participate in the quiz and win exciting prizes.

Jio Chat App – Download and Install for KBC Play Along

Jio Chat is the free mobile app for Jio KBC play along. This app is available on the store but users who are participating in Jio KBC Play along should be resident in India. There are other rules and regulations for Jio Chat KBC Play along which needs to be followed to be eligible to win KBC contest.


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