Lucky patcher apk download: App that breaks you through the security and blocks

By | December 9, 2017

Lucky patcher is a very popular app which is both available on the internet and Google Play Android & iOS stores. The benefit of using this app is that it provides freedom to the user to get control over the devices. It control the app as per the user wish and desires. The app allows the person to remove the annoying google apps ads, gives control over the device to jump from one level to another. The lucky patcher apk allows the person to skip levels and jump another level. It can help people to jump from one level to another level in no time. The device also helps in transferring files from one internal storage to other sd card storage in a fraction of seconds. Unlike other apps which requires them to pay a certain amount to use the facilities of the apps which are otherwise restrained. The lucky patcher app download gives complete access to the device to help people to get access to the root level of the device.

lucky patcher apk

Lucky Patcher is not the official app available in the app store or ios store.

The lucky patcher can easily convert the normal regular apps into system apps in no time which can help users in changing the administrative rights of the users.

The other benefit impact of the using the app is that it can easily remove the license verification of any app. There are an endless amount of apps which can be very fruitful to the users if come to the complete usage of it but the heavy price restrain them from using.

The app price makes the users unwilling of using the app, and therefore the lucky patcher apk in this situation gives the user the freedom of using it.

Let us look at the Lucky Patcher APP Download and its features.

How to download lucky patcher app?

The installation of this app is very easy and the person just has to search the internet by the name lucky patcher and download the requisite file named lucky patcher.

Once that is done the significant part is to open and allow the user to use the unknown source download which allows the users to download the file from unknown sources as the security feature of the system doesn’t allow the user to download any such files which don’t fit with other processing.

So it’s important to enable that function by the user for better handling of the app. The app works much better with a rooted mobile.

A rooted mobile first gives the access to the sun of the mobile and thus after installing the app the app the user can easily run the app and enjoy the fun out of it.

Although the app also works on a non-rooted mobile yet the liberty of using the app is not that much constrained. The mobile-only restricts only a few features of the mobile which are on the other side can be overlooked if one doesn’t work in a professional for it.

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 Lucky Patcher APK features

App NameLucky Patcher
File NameLucky Patcher 6.9.1 APK
Cost PriceFree Download
Lastest Version6.9.1
APK File Size12.34MB
Category Tools
RequirementsAndroid 2.3+
Total Download500 Million and increasing
Released December 8, 2017
  • Free in-app purchase – the app is free in-app purchase and therefore unlike other apps which ask to pay a certain amount before providing complete access to the device. The lucky patcher is freeware software and is easy to download.
  • Remove adds– There are endless amount of software on the websites, yet they are filled with annoying ads which keep popping up time to time, and lucky patcher removes them in almost no time
  • Transfer files from internal storage to external sd card– The app can easily transfer the files from the external sd card to internal and internal sd card t external giving the user the complete freedom of transferring files and giving appropriate access over the usage.
  • Convert app to system app –The lucky patcher can easily convert the normal app to system app in no time. The lucky patcher gives the user the authentication for getting access to all the files that are necessary for a user for building a better security system. In this manner, the users get an access to the system.
  • Removes license verification– the lucky patcher can easily remove the license verification issue in no time.There are an endless amount of apps which if worked in a licensed manner can benefit the user. The only downside is that these apps are very costly and the user has to pay a huge amount of lump sum money to get the verification code. The lucky patcher makes the job easy for the user by patching the requisite files and validating the system to use the product in the authentication manner.
  • Backup– The person can easily make a backup of the entire system files in no time. The files and folders can be backed up very easily. The software is used for the multi-purpose usage and therefore is very reliable and trustful
  • Custom patches– The lucky patcher is capable of patching the files in the custom format where the app analyze the system files and then patch the necessary file against it which can make the app working. The custom patch works on an entire complete different algorithm.
  • Lucky Patcher Apk Download features are listed below and are of great significance
  • Bugs fixed– The lucky patcher is capable of fixing all the bugs of the system which are coming in-between the effective functioning of the system. The bugs once fixed can finally help the system to function effectively and in a very better manner
  • Rebuild app with changed permission– The lucky patcher is capable of rebuilding any app and then changing the app permission which ultimately helps the user to rebuild the app and with requisite permission from the user.
  • Custom patches are constantly updated– the custom patches are being constantly updated, and therefore people can easily go through the recent updates which can both give license verification charges and in-app built processing
  • Translation update – the app allows the user to translate and update the user translation process which other app doesn’t do. There are endless apps which can function much effectively if they are being updated and therefore translation help in this manner.
  • Link to last custom app patch is available– the user can always restore the last previous custom in no time from the restore pint available in the system of the device.
  • Update arm patches for arm65– The device gives the leverage of updating the arm65 patches from the system and therefore find the space to operate the system as per his will and desire.

Lucky Patcher APK Download Versions – Old & New

  • There are many version of the app which varies from different registry to registry and of different level and different functions ability
  • The version started with 6.8.0 version which was very baby version and has evolved as the time has passed, and so does the technology and the software community
  • The next version was 6.8.1 version, the features became more evolved and intrinsic to the user and therefore the people started using it in a great mass. The app gains popularity as the major bugs can be fixed in almost no amount of time and the usage quality of the app has increased
  • The next version was 6.8.2 which has a much speedy patching capacity, and the user can easily earn using it. The patching is very fast and with very few bugs on it. The people, therefore, started using it even in a more profound manner, and therefore the impact of the app stated uprising
  • The next version was 6.8.3 which was the most popular of all the version came before. The app introduced a lot many in-built features through which one can easily grant access to the device, and therefore people started using it and lucky patcher new version

Download Lucky Patcher App

You can download latest and old version of Lucky Patcher Apk from here

Lucky Patcher 6.9.1 APK – latest version

Modded Google Play 8.3.42 APK

Lucky Patcher 6.9.0 APK


Lucky patcher app is one an essential app that every mobile user must have for the better usage of the device.The app allows the person to grant access over the mobile and use it completely without any problems or situations.

The app gives the user the freedom to use the app as he pleases and doesn’t need to get bound by the terms and condition state by the app. The app makes the system processing very fast and adequate for the user who invests in it.

The lucky patcher removes, adds, patches serial verification and does every possible thing for the user so that he can use the app with complete freedom and honesty. The market has an endless amount of app which is very fruitful for the users yet because they are paid apps, the users cannot benefit themselves from it.

The app gives the user the freedom to use them by patching them in such a way that the paid app gives them the gateway to use them somehow. The app is a complete one in all app; the app gives the user the verification and authority to convert the normal system apps to system apps which can help the user to grant access over the user space and use the app as he or she pleases.

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