New Cash Withdrawal Limits From ATM 14th November 2016

By | November 14, 2016

New Limit To Withdraw Cash From ATM on 14/11/2016

Currently RBI announced the new limit because of currency change From ATM. from the currency change to till now, we can only withdraw 2000rs cash from ATMs. But From today on 14th November 2016, we can withdraw 2500 rs per day, it is a good news for the common man.

RBI Also published some other useful instructions regarding the New Withdraw limit. which is given below briefly. Here You can see the latest news regarding the new Withdrawal limit of ATM Machines.


Funny Shayari Jokes And Images On black money and old 500 and 1000 rs notes


New Withdraw Limit Policy For ATM Transaction

  • in the first four days (from November 10th to 13th , up to 5 pm ) about Rs. 3.0 Lakh crores of old Rs. 500/- and 1000/- bank notes deposited in the banking System and about Rs. 50,000 crores dispensed, through about 18 crore transactions.


  • instructions given to the Banks and Post Offices to ensure proper distribution of all denomination notes. Banks are especially advised to ensure availability and distribution of small denomination notes.


  • Chief Secretaries of the `States requested to identify the rural pockets, if any, where availability of cash is a problem and provide all support to the Banks and Post Offices to ensure last mile distribution through mobile banking vans and Business Correspondents(BC).


  •  Customer can make a complaint to the District Magistrates/District Administration concerned for action against Hospitals , Caterers , Tent houses etc. which are not accepting Cheques/Demand Drafts and online `payment transfer from customers.


  • Banks advised to make arrangements for separate queues for Senior citizens and Divyang persons, for exchange of cash to cash and transactions against Bank accounts.


  •  The issuance of new series of Rs. 500/- notes commenced.


  •  Banks advised to increase the Business Correspondents limit to Rs 2500/» for withdrawal from bank accounts.


  •  Banks advised to increase over the counter exchange limit from the existing Rs 4000/- to Rs 4500/~.


  • Banks advised to increase the Cash Withdrawal limit at ATMs from the existing Rs 2000/- to Rs 2500/- per day in the re calibrated ATMs.


  • The weekly limit of Rs.20,000/- for withdrawal from Bank accounts has been increased to Rs.24,000/-. The limit of Rs.10,000/~ per day stands removed.


  • Banks advised to increase the issuance and use of mobile wallets and debit/credit cards as also to provide them to those customers and establishments not having access to these non~cash means of payment.


  • The last date for submission of the annual life certificate for the government pensioners extended up to January 15, 2017.

So this instruction is announced and declared by RBI. It is the new Transaction and withdrawal Policy Announced By Reserve Bank Of India For ATM And Other Transactions.

The Image Of The Official Announcement Is Given Below. If you want to download the image then click on image and click on “save images as” button.


New Policy For Withdraw Cash From ATM By RBI

New Withdrawal Limits For ATM

New Withdrawal Limits For ATM

Can We Use CDM For Deposit Old 500 And 1000 rs Notes ?

Some people continuously asks the question regarding the CDM Machine. People asking that CDM Machine is usable now to exchange old 500rs and 1000rs notes to the new notes?.

Answer:- Yes, you can deposit your old 500 and 1000rs notes by using the cdm machine. There is no limit to deposit the cash. but the important matter is you can’t withdraw the money or cash from cdm now. so Use CDM Only to deposit the money. do not withdraw money from cdm.

Source :- RBI Official

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