New COC Freeze Trap Attack – USE [Second Clashmas] Video Watch – Clash Of Clan

By | December 27, 2016

Freeze Trap In Clash Of Clan COC Game

The 2nd Clashmas Gift is the Freeze Trap, a new defense in Clash of Clans. The CoC Christmas Event 2016 is part of the new update. Gameplay of the Freeze Trap is highlighted alongside explanation of how to use it and a special Freeze Trap Challenge. Can we freeze an entire army with a single hidden Freeze Trap – find out in this christmas video. The Freeze Trap affects all troops, ground and air and will be available for a limited time until January 5th 2017. A full ground and air attack are shown at TH11 to showcase the Freeze Trap being used during a raid. Subscribe for more Clash of Clans update gameplay. The Clashmas Gift #3 will be coming soon! here is the latest news about 2nd clash mas gift.

Freeze Trap Attack Video

Freeze Trap Attack Video

What Is 2nd Day ClashMas Gift In Clash of Clan ?

We all know that the first Day of clashmas is awesome. The First Clashmas Gift was Spell Names “Santa’s Surprise”. Now We all wanted to know more about the second clashmas gift. What is the 2nd clashmas gift?

The Second Clashmas Gift is Freeze Trap. Yes, Its not a Freeze Spell But Its A Freeze Trap. You can Place this freeze trap to any where in your coc village. This is amazing trap and every Coc Troops can affect in this trap.

no one can skip this Freeze Trap.


How To Use Freeze Trap ? Where To Place Freeze Trap ?

many people asking us that how to use this freeze trap effectively or where to place this trap? . we are publishing a video for this queries. Watch that freeze trap video of 2nd clash mas gift and give your suggestion. If we like your suggestions then we will publish it in our website.

2nd Clashmas Day Gift Freeze Trap Use Video

watch this video to learn how to use freeze trap. you will see the complete guidance about this freeze trap in this video.

Clash of Clans Freeze Trap for the Winter Update Clashmas Gift is available for a limited time. Freeze your enemies, both ground and air, with a 5 second Freeze Trap. Showcasing Freeze Trap taking out different types of troops and the best placement for it on your base. Try out the new Freeze Trap for a limited time RIGHT NOW! All players that are TH5 and higher can build the Freeze Trap and use it on defense to stop attackers in their tracks until January 5, 2016.

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