People are more important than Products in an organization. How do you find the best?

By | June 8, 2017

Current Assessment System
Advertise a job description/profile, ask people to apply, conduct formal interviews.

When the interviews are formal, candidates come prepared and are cautious. The aptitute tests are conducted, informal attitude assessment questions are asked in this formal environment.

The result is that the ones who come prepared get selected.

But once they get selected are they always prepared to do the work?

Suggested Assessment System

Advertise a job description/profile, ask people to submit their social media links (FB, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn), conduct proper research and analysis of his account in terms of the filled-in profiles, last one to two years of posts, comments, interactions etc.

The key is shortlisting the candidates based on your research and analysis that match to 1) the culture and philosophy of your organization 2) the desired job profile 3) the expectations of the candidate reflected on various social media.

Don’t forget to cross check the LinkedIn data with respective posts on other media. For example, when he/she was in previous company, what kind of his nature reflected in his/her post during those days. Was it motivating or demotivating?

Once all these is done, call the shortlisted ones only with their resumes and cross verify your learnings about him/her and further offer the job to the best one.

Note: Aptitude deficiency can be filled in with training but the candidate has to have good attitude while joining in.

Your views as a candidate or an employer are welcome!

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