Tricks to Memorize Maths and Physics Formulas

By | July 6, 2017


Have you ever woke up all night to memorize Math formulas or do you memorize a set of formulas today and forget the next day. Why do you think many students find Physics and Maths problems difficult to solve. The major reason behind every problem is the number of formulas that need to be remembered every time. By the time a student reaches class 9, the number of formulas reaches to an extent where it becomes very difficult to memorize and remember at the time of exam.

Learning formulas is not a one day gimmick. You cannot pick up a book a night before an exam, wake up all night and expect to remember them all in the exam hall and put them all at the right place. To make this happen, all you need is consistency and practice. Let’s go through a few effective tips on how to memorize confusing Maths and Physics formulas in a simple manner.

Why do we forget formulae?

There can be various reasons to why do we actually forget any important formula besides the fact that it needs to be remembered. Lack of concentration or focus, which formula to be applied on which problem and insufficient time to grasp. You need to work on such issues before moving to a whole new strategy. If you are aware of the root problem, you can easily find the solution and master your hold on every topic.

More Practice

Most of the students think that a single glance or solving a few problems on the same formula is enough to memorize. After a few days, you realize that it no more exists in the memory. Hence, regular practice on every formula is a good idea to remember for a longer time.  Make a chart consisting of all the important formulas mentioned in the NCERT Textbooks and paste it on the front wall of your study table. Please note that repetition leads to better memorization.

Understand the Formulae

Most of the students have a mentality that as long as one can remember a formula by an effective trick, there is no need to understand the logic behind it. This is one of the biggest mistakes since it can lead to students applying wrong formulas and end up with an incorrect answer and loose complete marks of the question.

When you understand the logic behind a formula or its derivation, it is easier to know why is it so and minimizes the chances of forgetting.

If you understand how a formula is derived, it is much easier to know when to use each formula and ultimately get the right answers. Plugging in values and hoping for the best may work sometimes but you’ll have a much higher chance of picking up marks if you are familiar with all the formulas needed for the exam.

Relate it to real Time Examples

The best way not to forget a particular equation or formula to relate it to a real time instance. For examples, the number of time taken by a train to reach to a particular station can be related to a formula which calculates its speed and average speed.

Eliminate Distractions

Memorizing anything requires complete focus, hence try to avoid much involvement in tweets, social forums such as youtube and facebook and texting friends while studying. There are a lot of stuff good enough to distract you, hence stay away as much as possible.

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