UPSC 2019: How to Crack General Studies

By | October 9, 2018

Those who have qualified the UPSC Prelims exam should start focussing on the next hurdle of their way of becoming an IAS Officer, i.e., UPSC Mains Examination. IAS Mains exam is designed in such a way that it checks the in-depth knowledge of the candidates regarding the subjects of the prescribed syllabus. Aspirants have to present their knowledge in a consistent, descriptive and comprehensive manner. Thus, candidates have to understand the basic concepts very well then only, they can write qualitative answers.

General Studies is a crucial part of both the exam levels, i.e. UPSC Prelims as well as IAS Mains. Thus, it becomes important to understand how the subjects in General Studies have to be prepared and what should be the approach for prelims and mains exam. In the case of prelims, there is just one paper based on general studies whereas there are four papers based on it in the case of mains. The General Studies syllabus for these papers is given below-


1.Paper -1 General Studies -I

Indian Heritage and Culture, History and Geography of the World and Society.


2.Paper-2 General Studies -II

Constitution, Governance, Polity, Social Justice and International Relations.


3.Paper-3 General Studies-III

Economic development, Technology, Environment, Biodiversity, Security and Disaster Management.


4.Paper-4 General Studies-IV

Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude.


Now you get an idea that a variety of subjects have to be studied in General Studies and it cannot be done without proper strategy. Here are some tips on how to prepare General Studies.


How to Crack General Studies

1.Indian History

The book named ‘India’s Struggle for Independence’ by Bipin Chandra is a good one to understand the basics. Also, study about the expansion of the British empire in detail.



For the candidates who do not opt Geography as their optional subject, NCERT books on Geography should be read properly.



Firstly, one should become familiar with the basic terminology of Economy because then only one can understand the articles given in newspapers. Also for Economy, candidates should follow the budget properly.


4.Indian Constitution

‘Introduction to the Constitution of India’ written by D.D.Basu is a very good book in order to acquire information of Indian Constitution.


5.Science and Technology

Whatever is happening in this field that is important in the current affairs has to be kept in mind as direct questions can be framed.


6.Current Affairs

Current Affairs is the most important part for preparing General Studies. If we see the current trend of UPSC IAS Exam, many questions are asked from the current affairs in prelims as well as mains. Thus good newspapers like The Hindu and other good magazines should be read to keep track of current events.


Using these tips, you can crack the General Studies papers of IAS Mains exam.


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